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Dongguan HWcase Co., LTD

Chris Deng      Sales Manager

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Address: Building A, NO. 64, Xinhong Road, Xiaobian Community, Chang‘an Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong 523850, China

Company News

All molds for new iPhone 14 series 2022 have been done, orders are available

This year, it is very hard for us to make a living because of COVID-19, and very difficult to do business. So we focus our business on new iPhone 14 series 2022, hoping to relieve the pressure. Therefore, we open all molds for iPhone 14 series earlie...


HWcase will attend the Meorient electronic fair in Mexico, 14th Jun-16th Jun, 20...

Becuase of COVID-19, we can‘t go out for fair and the customers can‘t come to our country, we have to let them know about our new cases, Meorient will conduct electronics consumer fair in Mexico. Then we can send our samples there and customers can...


HW case announced its shockproof cases fitness when samsung galaxy note 8 releas...

HW case factory announced that we confirmed our data of galaxy note 8 is right, since we checked it after samsung galaxy note 8 release


HW case share its light slim best selling new iphone 8 design video

let‘s have a new definition of hybrid case . how light it can be? and how thin it can be? --- iphone 8 light armor case ---


2017 latest new design mobile cell phone covers for samsung note 8, iphone 8

slim light cases are products what consumers want, HW case factory would rather to cost more to provide a light cases for iphone 8


To HW case factory kickstand case becomes No.1 of mobile cases with 299 models

HW case factory accumulated 299 models of kickstand case after many years of focus in mobile cases business. This design was known as spider man cases, it also has different names in different countires. USA like to call it protective case, UK gives...


people are talking about the iphone 8 design of HW case factory

the news go very fast, HW case factory just released the pictures of iphone 8 rugged cases less than one month, but there are a lot talk about our design on facebook and twitter.


why we brought in High Speed Injection for mobile case production?

there are mainly 2 machines of injection for mobile case production. normal injection and high speed injection machines. there are the following difference between them. hight speed injection machine advantages: 1. less injection time, cause it is h...


HW case factory process of automatic production

HW case factory speed up it‘s automatic production progress much, especial in 2017. As the human resource cost rising in China, more and more companies are trying the automatic production by machine hands. not all cases covers factory like this kind...


HW case factory iphone 8 and note 8 cases production plan was setted

as in the following months, there will be 2 hot models of phone from and, iphone 8 and galaxy note 8. For the most hot models during the whole year, they are special, they comes like a festival for mobile accessories business. ...


iphone 8 rugged cases - HW case factory fit guarante Policy

HW case factory focus on mobile case 12 years now. and we made iphone cases many years. iphone 6 and iphone 7 cases were produced before one and half months before the device released. they fitted the device well as proved. meanwhile we have guarante...


Apple will release iphone 7s iphone 7s plus and iphone 8 in September 2017

HW case confirmed that New iphone will go with iphone 7s, iphone 7s plus, and iphone 8. Not like people expected iphone 8 and iphone 8 plus. iphone 7s, iphone 7s plus share same case with iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus. so if you are preparing the new ...